What We Provide

What We Provide

Computerized Reporting

Gone are the days of handing one or two handwritten pages to your client only to hope they understood the inspection and could read your writing. Today, the inspection process is more sophisticated and fully computerized; providing a well-organized report to convey vital information to the client. The reports also contain digital photographs embedded into the report, strategically organized to support and highlight key points, and to convey a complete understanding of the issues observed within the property.

Online Delivery

  • Inspection report is delivered directly to you over the internet
  • No limit to the number of copies provided
  • Digital photos and videos taken during the inspection are included in your online report
  • Report is immediately available to the customer and any real estate agent involved in the transaction as soon as it’s completed
  • Reports can be viewed as often as needed and printed as many times as necessary
  • Reports can be viewed on any web browser or mobile device
  • When the report is ready, the customer receives an email with a link to login with a unique username and password, which protects the privacy of the report
  • No email attachments or downloads required to view the report

Receiving your inspection report has never been easier!