Why An Inspection

Why Have a Home Inspection?

Buying a home… The process can be stressful. A home inspection is supposed to give you peace of mind, but often has the opposite effect. You will be asked to absorb a lot of information in a short time. This often includes a written report, checklists, photographs, environmental reports, and what the inspector himself says during the inspection. All this combined with the seller’s disclosure and what you notice yourself makes the experience even more overwhelming. What should you do?

Relax… You are about to hire the best home inspection company in the area. We are professionally trained, and state certified to complete the inspection task at hand. You will be presented a state of the art comprehensive computerized inspection report with color digital photos, that is generally completed on site and delivered electronically to you shortly thereafter. Also, you will receive many other materials that you will enjoy and will assist you with in the home buying process and future maintenance of the property.

Three types of inspections are generally conducted:

  • Pre-Listing Inspection (sellers)
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection (buyers)
  • One Year Builder Warranty Inspection (owners)

Inspection Benefits

Consider the benefits of a pre-listing home inspection:

  • Prepares you for issues that an inspection for the buyer will reveal, giving you the opportunity to become aware of, and repair, property conditions so they don’t pose a problem when negotiating your sale
  • Makes your property more marketable and attractive to buyers because they know they’re working with a sincere and committed seller
  • Eliminates last minute repair hassles that could delay closing
  • Reduces the number of contingencies in a sale agreement, which makes closing easier
  • Decreases the possibility of unknowns causing a sale to fall through
  • Gives you more control over the selling process
  • Minimizes if not eliminate renegotiations over repairs once a buyer is found
  • Present the inspection report to your buyer and let them know that all the repairs needed are reflected in the listing price

Consider the benefits of a pre-purchase home inspection:

  • Provides peace of mind, helps you to make a sound buying decision
  • Reveals the need for repairs or replacements before you buy
  • Limits the number of surprises you may discover after you move in
  • Learn what types of systems are in the property and how they function
  • Gives you invaluable details about your new home
  • The condition of the property
  • How the property operates
  • Ages of major systems and estimated life expectancies

Consider the benefits of a one year builder warranty home inspection:

  • The one-year inspection can be conducted prior to the homeowners’ one-year builder warranty expiring to identify any concerns the builder should be made aware of
  • As with a pre-purchase home inspection, a builder warranty inspection focuses on revealing minor problems while they are still minor and in order to prevent them from developing further
  • Limits the number of surprises you may discover after you move in

Who should perform a home inspection?

  • The abilities and knowledge of home inspectors vary widely; choose carefully to get the best home inspection possible. The key is to ask about the qualifications, background, and experience of your inspector. The inspectors at HomePro Inspections have what it takes to do the job right!
  • Remember the old adage, "you get what you pay for"? Consider this statement instead: you may not always get what you pay for, but you never get what you don’t pay for! When choosing a home inspection company, the cost of quality is soon forgotten, while the cost of a cheap choice may linger forever. In comparison to the price of your family’s home, the price of a HomePro Inspections quality home inspection will be the best money you ever spend!
  • Does the completed report include photographs? Often, the report will contain descriptions of damage or defect in locations of the home that only the inspector was able to access, like roof-tops or crawl spaces. You will want pictures of these areas to make your understanding of the scope and location of the damage clear. It also makes repairs simpler to get estimated when a photograph is available. HomePro Inspections includes photographs as a standard part of each home inspection!
  • Often the buying decision is time critical, you want to be sure you will receive your completed report in time to read, review, and respond. The best companies can deliver the report to you on-site, right at the home, just as the inspection is completed. Some inspection companies make you wait for days for your report, but HomePro Inspections delivers your online report immediatley upon completion at the end of the inspection.

Just a few of the key categories included in your inspection:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Structure
  • Electrical
  • Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Kitchen
  • Foundation (Crawlspace/Basement)